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ahalani - in harmony with the sun
ahalani records


Ahalani means welcome and farewell, sunrise and sunset, beginning and end, the path of beauty in harmony with the sun. Music is the most beautiful and most transient of all the arts. To try to capture it is almost as hopeless as to try to capture a sunray. CDs can only record a part of its beauty, for nothing will ever replace the personal qualities of live music. Still CDs are a chance for musicians to reach more people than via concerts alone. Support the musicians whose music means something to you by buying CDs or downloading the music legally and not copying. Ahalani records is a fair trade label, using a fair distribution of the profits from the sales of CDs and music downloads to further the creativity of our musicians.

Ahalani - Dawn Boy, Little Chief,
let all be beautiful before me as I wander,
All beautiful behind me as I wander,
All beautiful above me as I wander,
All beautiful below me as I wander.
Let my eyes see only beauty
This day as I wander.
In beauty.


Oliver La Farge: "Laughing Boy" - prayer of the Navajo Indian